Monday, October 5, 2009

MS-07H8 Gouf Flight Type

There are many things in life that people can be addicted to.
Booze, gambling, sex, food, drugs, cigarettes... The list is endless. I have many vices and am addicted for more than a few things.
One of those things is gunpura. I just can't stop myself from building a new one from time to time simply for the sake of building a new gunpura. I didn't do anything special. Just cut and assemble... but I tell you... seeing that assembled model, even without paint and touch ups, panel lining or seam lining or whatever... just seeing it, making and having it around is worth the 800 yen or so I paid for it.
I am addicted to gunpura and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

It doesn't come with that cannon in the right hand. I added that in myself.

A finshed version (check his WIP here.)

Just a pic of it that I liked.

As I was making this post, I saw the above pic and this song popped into my head.
I'll put this one here for Tonzo.

Related track from the same era. For all the lurking 'heads' out there.

Basement beats with hard rhymes... the good old days I guess.

Not planning on doing too much with Gouf right now. Just wanted to build something. This is my first non-Fed 1/144 kit and I have to say that I like it a lot. The Zeon designs just seem so much more... robust than the Fed suits. I'm going to enjoy working on this kit when the time comes. I've already kind of decided what I want to do with it but more on that at a later date. Right now I'm just going to leave it as is and go back to working on other things.