Saturday, October 10, 2009

LM312V05+SD-VB03A V-Dash Gundam

I'm still not done with my "Those Who Were Left Behind" series, about my Gunpla that I've left back home in Canada. Today I bring you the 1/100 HG V-Dash Gundam.

So hard to find good box art these days. Sorry couldn't find a better pic.

Technically this model is the V-Dash Gundam, but it just looks like the regular Victory here. I have the "Dash" parts but there are so many problems with this model that I just left them in the box because they don't exactly fit right anymore.

This model was given to me by someone who found it at a garage sale. Who knows who the original owner was. This was the condition that I got it in.

Also another comparison of flash vs. no flash pictures.

I'm not sure if I'll ever upgrade this thing but I kind of want to just to say that I did. I mean... what a disaster. Loose, exposed and broken joints, random parts are glued together, lame hands, uneven sticker application, gaping, dirty seams in some places, not to mention some random parts are missing. It'd take a lot of work to make this look good but... it'd be a challenge and it would be fun to try and make it into a MS that I could be proud of.

Upgrade outline: My goodness where to start. I'd seriously go back to basics on this kit and get rid of all the seam lines, intense sanding and make the surface flawless as I could for painting. Get rid of those terrible hands. Lower the visor with pla-plate or putty. Shoulders will need a lot of work. Re-work the face... There are a lot of things that I'll have to do just to get this model functional, never mind the painting part. I really don't think I'd change the colour scheme much for this. The traditional colours seem to fit. Either that I'd make the red and blue parts different shapes of green, just for the sake of being different.

Rating: 2/10. I can't do anything with it! It barely stands and it took at lot of effort just to get it into this pose! Poor guy. Even with a massive retooling he couldn't be anything more than average by virtue of his design.

I thought it might be kind of fitting to talk about this now considering the news that a Katoki version of V-Gundam is now slated for release.

Look at this thing. What do you think?

Me? Totally not feeling it. I mean all those curves! Thick in the wrong places, straight in the wrong places... What's the point of releasing this outside of appealing to the V-Gundam fans? I look at this thing and I think... boring. Blah. Maybe it's just me.

Never was a big fan of V-Gundam anyways. I hear it's a really depressing series and hated the fact that the main characters name was "Uso" which means 'lie' (as in fib) in Japanese. That and I fell asleep during the first couple episodes. Just didn't capture me. Not even a big fan of the mecha designs to be honest. It's not high on my list of Gundam series to watch.

Here's a pic of the V-Gundams evolution through the series courtesy of Dalong's message boards for all you fans though.