Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More purchases

Went for lunch with my co-workers and decided to stop off at a local DIY shop just because I felt like shopping that Friday afternoon (Oct. 2) since I had no classes.

Picked up a couple of things.

This stuff along with a new cutting board, and a tree. Yeah I bought a tree.

I bought two wooden triangles for 100 yen each and that long wooden stick for just under that price. I bought that mini hand router/etcher just because I thought I could use it for something later. Under 2000 yen so... whatever. The mini clips can be used for any number of things but I often use them to hold parts while I'm spraying them. Under 150 yen for those too. Yeah just bought some cheap stuff that I could use later, just for the sake of buying things and supporting the Japanese economy. Gotta get that money flowing right?

I used the wood to make a cheap stand for the Odaiba Gundam. Not really planning on doing much more with it yet. Down the road yeah but I'm just moving back and forth between projects now. I don't care much when things get done. I just want to do something.

A lot of stuff has been going on with me and plastic modelling recently but instead of making one massive post about it all I'm going to try and make many smaller posts to break it up all up just for the sake of time.

I'll tell you this much though. The way that I make models has changed forever now. More to come. In the meantime here's some Shinozaki Ai for you.