Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sinanju Rocket Bazooka - Work Log 1

I thought that I was done with this thing but it turns out that I’m not really. Not entirely at least. Admittedly I’ve done more to my Sinanju that most people have but… after seeing what the guys at the Sinanju Group Build have done, I’ve been forced to return to the Ebon Enforcer to see what and where it can be upgraded.

The first major upgrade will be to give it a new weapon. Many of you already know about the special limited edition rocket bazooka that was included with Vol. 8 of the Unicorn novels.

I bought one (or two hehe) with the intention of someday using it with my own Sinanju.

That day has come.

First let’s start with the basic construction. I’ve spent a lot of time recently working on bazookas for the 1/144 O Gundam and Odaiba Gundam. You could say that these were a couple of appetizers for this big MG size one (Literally. Extended it is as tall at the Sinanju practically.)

I spent time preparing the surface for painting which included; pre assembly, removing mould lines and removing seam lines (using the time honoured method of liquid cement, patience and sanding.)

I used 240 grit paper first and then 1200 to get the surface smooth. I'm a stickler for seamless barrels so I was pleased to no end when I saw that the barrel for this bazooka was all moulded in one piece and not in seperate halves. That said I did take the time to remove what little bit of mould lines there were.

I even went so far as to remove the mould lines from the bazooka shells and the handle. I don’t think anyone would really notice but… I would. And did.

After that primed and started to spray and that’s when I came across my first hurdle.

Everything started and stopped with this one can of paint.