Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Talking - Early July 2011

Well... might as well give you a summary.  For those who like to read here's your recap.

I am still whittling away at the kits I've got here.  In progress are MG Exia, HGUC GM Command and PG Strike Freedom.

Currently at work on Exia, GM, Strike in that order.

Shenlong was fun.  Titanium Finish was great.  Decals finished on the ANA 00.

Brought a bunch of the army out of their boxes.  Still about half to go so that means... God help me... about 40 kits.

But I'm plugging away.  You all know life gets in the way sometimes.

Still... great stuff is coming out constantly and right now I'm talking about the Gundam Wing kits.

Honestly I'm loving these things.  Not because I'm a fan of the series and not because it was the first Gundam series that I ever saw... speaking as a North American...  but because... the kits are ****ing awesome.

Wing, Shenlong and now... Epyon which to be completely honest... has impressed me a lot.  I love that thing.

So I want to make a couple of special posts today.  Special in my opinion.  One I saw from Gundam Guy.

Blue Epyon.  Lovely.  This is why I love modeling.  Doing stuff like this.

The second is from a modeler that I've had... a kind of infutation with for some time and this time she has really and truely blown me away.  I'm SO glad that they actually interviewed her for this project.  This girl SHOULD be as popular if not more so than Mariemon but... where is her blog?  Anyway just an awesome awesome Shenlong.  I shouldn't be surprised that it comes from her but I am.  I can tell you now... in some cases appearance doesn't matter.  Whoever this woman is I love her.  Damn.  Also from G.G.

Wing and Double Beam Trident!  + Semi Nataku colour scheme!

Double FUNCTIONAL and EXTENDABLE Dragon Fangs?!  *explodes*  Channeling some Virsago here maybe?
PLUS the TAIL?! omg
Seriously, I'm shocked.  This model has made a HUGE impression on me for one and to find that it's from a modeler that I've really liked for a while...
Can you imagine if your gf made Gundams like that?  That's crazy!  All I'm going to say is that I hope she's with a man that can appreciate what she does!  Because if she isn't that's just a straight tragedy.

So I'm going to take this moment now to profess my love in public.