Monday, June 23, 2008

Miyuki Uehara's 1/100 Astraea

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So... back onto the topic of women and Gundam modelling.

I did some research into who this women is and couldn't find much. Just some of her previous work. And it's really good. Take a look.

RX-78-2 GUNDAM ver.ka

She's a professional modeller and works for Hobby Japan. As it turns out I've actually seen a lot of her work before. This months Hobby Japan cover is her MG Impulse. Issue 2's cover was her Unicorn.

After looking at her stuff I realized that I like her style a lot. She doesn't go for flash or glitz. Upgrades and modifications are minimal and alterations to the paint scheme are extremely slight. She goes for clean lines and simplicity. Trying the make the model easily recognizable.

I like her style but I'd prefer a more creative approach. haha that's just me though. I want to see colour schemes I've never seen before!

I got to thinking about what it would take to influence a girl so much that she'd want to take this up as a job. It reminded me of the time a couple of weeks ago when I saw a women driving the subway train for the first time in my life. She had a uniform just like everyone else but it was pink. She was young and pretty. She didn't look like a tomboy to me but I suppose to drive trains you kinda have to be to a certain extent right?

I wanted to tell her how proud of her I was. And that I thought that she was setting a great example for women. I didn't. She looked busy and I wasn't sure I could say it the way I wanted to.

I'm proud of these women that step outside of their conventional gender roles. Penetrating a field dominated by men can't be easy. They must have to deal with so much bull **** sometimes.

Oh well. I'll salute them this way. By spreading one Japanese woman's work to an English speaking audience. Here's your not-so-silent tribute.

Perhaps this is something that I shouldn't even be surprised at... but we can't say that we live in a world where sex and race don't matter at all. I mean just look at what's been happening in American politics this year.

Impulse update: The Core-fighter is now 100% completed. It's SO advanced compared to the RX-78 one. And... I recieved something in the mail from Bandai Japan today. It made me very happy.