Saturday, June 28, 2008

Avalance Astraea Type F / Musha Gundam Astraea Type F

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Forced to buy the August issue of Hobby Japan solely for this pic alone. I couldn't bear the idea of never seeing it again. 1/100 Astraea Type F has already been released and 1/100 Avalanche Exia is coming out in a couple of weeks. After I saw this pic I thought... 'omg... I can't buy either of them now if THIS is going to be released later.'

But it isn't. It's a custom job. Guess by who...

I'm going to become this woman's stalker at this rate.

She did her Astraea Type F just like her regular Astraea. Only very slight colour changes. She just brings out the potential on the kits she works on without adding too much.

The title of this blog post is actually what they called this variation. They didn't intend for it to look like the Musha Gundam but that's how it turned out in the end. Made me think about making one too. It's possible but I'd have to buy two separate kits and order the katana separately. Not worth it so I'll just have to stare at this picture indefinitely.

Anyways, here's a quick rundown of the magazine contents.

First a colour line art page of the OO GUNDAM! Finally! Looks nice!

GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalance Exia 1/100
MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground Type 1/100
MSJ-06II-C/BT Tieren High Mobility Commander Type (Scratch) 1/144
AEU-09Y812 Al-Saachez's AEU Enact Custom (1/144 AEU-09Y812/A Agrissa-Type conversion)
GNMA-XCVII Alvatore 1/220 Scratch built
SVMS-01AP Union Flag Orbit Package Colony Guard Type (Union Flag conversion)
GN-003 Gundam Kyrios (Grey with heavy modifications)
MG RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0 released on 7/26
MG Zaku Cannon out in Aug
HG GN-X next month
HG Kampfer in Aug.
HG Rick Dom II Light Green Version in Aug.
SD Exia in Aug.
Large spread on MG Shin Musha Gundam which was released recently.
HG Sazabi (3000 yen! More expensive then a lot of MG's. MG Impulse is 3300 yen! I mean... get real! HG Powered GM is 600 yen for chrissakes. That said, it's probably the most detailed and largest HG I've ever seen. They really stepped up the quality on that one.)
Fix FA Gundam Mark 3 and a lot of other stuff.

Realized that my post count for this month was really low. Probably because I missed an issue in between because they were concentrating on the MG Impulse I'm working on now. Still probably should have picked it up anyways. There were some cool shots with different scratch built Wizard Packs. Oh well. Maybe I can still find it somewhere. Better yet I'll get a subscription... If I can figure that out.

Impulse update: Working on the shield and beam rifle now. Frame is done. Core fighter is done. Anti-ship sword is done.

As usual more shots at my flikr.