Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hot Pink Overflags, girls making gundams and painting your nails.

Been a while... sorry about that. Life gets in the way sometimes.

I little while ago I posted about a black and lime green 1/144 Overflag that I saw at a shop once and wasn't allowed to take a picture of. Well I found another one but painted pink. Almost the exact same colour scheme. The artist probably saw the lime green one that I saw and copied the design. Metallic black and hot pink. It was kinda cool. Maybe something that a girl painted? Who knows. Girls like pink right? I know a lot of guys do too but 'generally' speaking. It got me thinking about girls who make gundam models. I've never met one in person but I've seen their work in magazines. I'm going to try and not sounds sexist in this post so... *cue legal disclaimer.*

I hate to generalize but I think that we can all admit that not a lot of girls are into gundam modelling. A lot of girls are into painting their nails however. I've watched women do their nails before and I noticed that a lot of the 'equipment' is the same as what I use on my models. Solvents, laquers, files. One of my ex's made an awesome gradient colour scheme on her nails one time. She spent a long time on it. I have to admit that I was impressed. I started to wondering what it'd be like if she put those skills into a model...

When I'm playing Kizuna I noticed two couples on a 'double date' playing on the Zeon side. The four of them all had pretty high rankings too. It was suprising. There are times when I think I've got things all figured out and then life throws something at me that disproves the rules I've created in my head. Anything can happen.

I've never actually seen a girl buy a plastic model before but I've seen them at shops looking at the figures or posters of the characters. I started to imagine if a girl would design a gundam (as in paint and modify) to make it look more feminine. For example... can you imagine a giant mech like GP02 painted in pink? With hearts on it? *shudders* Feminizing a war machine? Yeah. Touchy subject. Excuse my ignorance. I can only talk about things from my limited frame of experience.

To each his own though right? or... to each HER own? I'll post a pic by a modeller named 'Miyuki' next time. Miyuki is a girls name so I'm assuming it's a 'she' but it could easily be a man. Although... I've never met a Japanese man with that name. First for everything though I suppose.

Impuse update: Frame is just about done. Found some awesome spray paints to use. Only very minor touch up's left to do on it so the lion's share of the work is done now. Working on the core-fighter now and I'm spending the same amount of time detailing it to make it look just how I want it to. Slow and steady wins the race!