Friday, July 15, 2011

MG Exia - WIP 5 - Putty

As I mentioned before I've always always hated the feet for this thing. Impractical design with too many moving parts that don't really do anything. The feet look nice but they've sacrificed functionality. I'm going to change that. After closer inpection of the joint for the "toe" I concluded that it's too much work to increase the range of movement because of the joint shape and placement. But I suppose some movement is better than none (unless it's too loose) so I'm going to leave that as is. If it becomes a problem I'll glue it in place.

Thank you, Seven6398 for this pic!  As you can see the heel doesn't exactly extend all the way to the edges.  It's not such a big deal but I did have some balance problems occasionally.  This is a specifically 00 series type of design so I'm going to change it to make it more conventional.

Using the only type of putty I have.  I don't know what type it is but it's the type where you mix a green and white one together to make this.

After it hardened, it's time to shave and sand.  Note the lack of symmetry.

Then I primed.  Sanded and painted.
It's not perfect. I didn't manage to make the edges as sharp as I wanted to and some of the edges where slightly rounded. Instead of re-puttying I just rounded off the opposing side to make it even. It's just the feet and they're going to be painted black. I can let this go. Like I often say, when it comes to modelling sometimes you just have to choose your battles and let stuff go otherwise you'll never finish. At least if you're a modeler like me. I haven't test fitted it yet to see if it works. More to come!