Monday, November 1, 2010

MGIJ WIP 11.1 - Back to work.

Last WIP for this was back in July 4. OMG. 5 months?! Wow. Well to my credit a LOT has happened this year and I didn't have enough time to work on Gunpla as much as I would have liked. There will be a post later about the events of this year.

I'm not sure what prompted me to do it but I decided to just assemble this thing again to see where I was with it.  Actually I do know.  I had a half day of work today and am off tomorrow and the day after so I just decided to go into "Mecha Mode" and see where it takes me.  This is where it's taken me.

I'd actually done a little bit of work on it over the past couple months. I mean really not a lot. Working on the rifle and hands and doing experiments with some secret chemicals I got (which I may not use for this project anymore and use on the HG Sinanju instead.)

I think that might have been when I got off track. When I started doing the experiments and didnt get the results I was hoping for. Then naturally, as is my way, I gave up and started working on something else. Man I should really start keeping track of what I'm doing like Gaigun does.

First is to find all the pieces.  I put them in 3 different places!

And immediately proceeded to get distracted again. Was just going to reassemble and leave it at that but then decided to just go for it since I really don't have that much further to go.  No sense in moving backwards.  Forward!  Onward!  Upward!

So I separated the parts for painting and went to work with the airbrush again.  If I hustle I can finish this before the F2000 drops.