Thursday, November 18, 2010

HG 1/144 GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000 - WIP 1

Well I started building this two days ago and this is about as far as I've gotten. I could have finished it but I decided to stop just to see what the thing can do.

As I mentioned briefly on my facebook page, there are a lot of reviews for this out there on the net, but not one of them showed the F2000 with the supplied F2 parts.  I personally think this is a great feature of this kit as it allows you to mix and match armour parts thus being able to create any number of variations of Zaku.  The one pictured here I'm calling the F200, as it's not fully up to F2000 power but its significantly stronger than the F2.

I like this thing a lot. It doesn't do much but it certainly does look cool just standing there.  Quite a 'muscular' looking mech when you slim the waist and legs down. I've already cut out and assembled all the components but I haven't put it into it's "F2000" form yet. That will come soon.

And if you're wondering I did use an aurora decal for the mono eye. It really works well with this kit. Matches the colours perfectly. I'm not planning a recolour of this. I like it as is. Touch ups and flat top coat and then I'll be done with it.  Trying to decide what colour to paint the missiles though.  Red seems a bit too bold.  Silver?  Gun metal?