Thursday, November 11, 2010

1/1 Combat San - WIP 1

My first of these type of models and I really like it. I enjoyed building her. It didn't take very long. It's not like making a Gundam and I'm not going to mod her like a Gundam. It feels strange because I'm actually thinking of her like a doll. I'm going to change her hair style and make her clothes different colours and... I'm going to put make up on her.
Oh my god. What's happening to me?
Is this the natural progression of my hobby? And why is it that I'm finding that I have so much in common with girls who do nail art? We use similar materials and actually go through similar processes. Ah... Pushing the boundaries I guess. And it certainly has helped me relate more to me new female friends. They seem to appreciate it too.
My saving grace is that she is still MECHA. And she has a beam rifle.
I really like her though. I'm glad I decided to buy this kit.
You have a large selection of hands to choose from but they aren't really that secure. However considering the large selection you can afford to glue them in place around the weapons which I'll do once I have them all modded and painted to my satisfaction.
I removed her antennae "ears" and her cow lick thing on top of her head. I also removed the shoulder section of her uniform in order to free up room for her arms to move. I don't mind the sleeveless look!
The boots and heel part come off kind of easily. Not very sturdy but... I'm not expecting much from a miniature female robot that was made to destroy bugs.
She doesn't have the articulation to do a proper salute so I settled for something similar to the box art. And I'm not trying to be スケベ/やらしい with the up skirt shot but I just though it looked cool.
It really is fun to try new things now and then. Next... Armored Core?!