Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LM314V23 Victory 2 Buster Gundam

Back when I was in high school and first started getting into Gundam models I didn't know anything about story lines, model grades or anything like that. Also my local hobby shiop didn't have a great selection of kits to choose from. I bought this kit solely because I thought it looked cool on the box. It's not a bad model. But it certainly is not good.

Look at this thing.

Looks like a hunchback. No neck. Stiff. This model has a lot of issues. I know it's an old kit and I should cut it a bit more slack but... no. I'm not going to.

Let's start with the balance issues. I've never been able to get this model to stand up in any kind of a decent pose. It's always toppling over. This pose is the best I could do! Next the joint articulation isn't that great. Especially at the ankles. Not a lot of movement is capable there. Hate those old school hands too. Proportions... well there's no neck, and practically no upper leg. The knee is almost where the waist is! The face area could use a bit more work too. The helmet brim sits pretty low on the eyes. The head seems a bit fat, the arms too short.

If it sounds like I'm really hating on this kit it's because I am. I don't like it that much... but the core design is pretty good I think. I like how the V2 Buster looks... but I don't like this model of it really. Not recommended.

Upgrade outline: Oh boy. Lengthen the upper legs, joint/armour mods for more articulation in the ankles. Custom hands, new/longer neck. Serious work on the weapons. Probably keep the colour scheme but change the red parts for a matching blue. Maybe change the light blue to a dark metallic blue and the yellow to gold. Widen the face opening of the helmet to bring the eyes/face out more. Seam lines, panel lines.

Rating: 4/10. I like the Gundam, but I don't like this model kit. If they made a MG version of this I think it would be wonderful.