Saturday, August 29, 2009

Decided! "Super" XN-O Gundam w/ 30th Anniversary RX-78-2

Only July 8th, I first made this post about the XN Unit. Technically I shouldn't call it the XN Raiser unless it is combined with the O Raiser. In the manuals they call the unit by itself the XN Unit so that's what I'm going to refer to it as from now on. As you all know I ended up getting the O Gundam but not for the purpose of combining it with the XN Unit. I got it because I loved it and wanted to do a simultaneous build with the 30th Anniversary RX-78-2 (which, hence forth I will refer to as Odaiba Gundam).

After working on them both in Canada I came back to Japan when my XN Unit arrived shortly thereafter. After assembling the unit by itself (which gave me a surprising amount of difficulty! Backwards parts and I swear the instruction manual is actually incorrect in one section and can be a bit confusing at times.) I tried combining it with the O Gundam. It can fit into the slot on the back of the waist armour and in the slot where the GN Drive connects. I elected to leave the GN Drive in place and set it in the back skirt. I changed the configuration a bit and I finally got the XN Unit into a position that I was satisfied with. I intend on paint the XN Unit in the same colours as the O Gundam (modified roll out) and making it the "Super XN-O Gundam" paying homage to the "Super MK2 Gundam" I mentioned in the previous post. Take a look at some of my pics.

Yeah I know what I said about "No Flash" but I'm leaving those flash pics in just so you can see the details a bit clearer and to blot out the background nonsense (although I wouldn't call Milla Jovovich in her underwear nonsense)

Now you can see the core concept of what I'm going for with this project. The Odaiba Gundam is similar to my MG OYW isn't it? What can I say... I'm a fan of the 'Mace Muffler'!