Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GAT-X103 Buster Gundam

I was forced to leave a lot of models behind in Canada after I went to Japan. The Mark 2 was one of them. I bought him in a local shop here in Canada.

This 1/144 HG Buster Gundam was one that I brought back from my first life in Japan (as a young man who'd just graduated from university and was living in Tokyo. For the record I'm on life #4 now and I'm watching my own students graduate from university. The moral of this story: Gundam is timeless.)

The is one of my favourite HG kits that I own. Articulation, proportions, design are all great for a model of it's time. It was also one of my favourite mecha designs from the Seed series (at the time I bought it Seed had yet to be concluded in Japan.)

I like the fact that there is no regard for melee combat in the design of this suit. It's a long range killer. Now, there are a couple of variations of this suit that have been made since Seed ended but I still think this one is the best. Of the 5 original GAT series suits, Buster is definitely one of my favourites and remained one of my favourite MS throughout all of Seed.

I would love to do a custom colour scheme for this and give it the treatment it deserves but that will have to remain a project for another time. I don't think doing this kit over would require much effort on my part as the stock kit is quite impressive in it's own right.
Upgrade outline: Panel lines, custom colours, seam lines, decals ?
Rating: 9/10