Monday, August 3, 2009

Testing out different light sources.

Using my Mark 2 to test out some different lighting combinations. I didn't use a flash but I used different combinations of 3 different light sources.

In the end I settled on natural sunlight.

If sunlight wasn't an option I'd go for the one just above this picture. I like a bit of shadow in my pictures to provide some depth. It does make the details a bit more difficult to see but I like the added 'drama' haha I didn't edit these photos at all for the record. Only a bit of cropping.
Which one do you prefer?
These are just the options I have here in Canada. I think I can take better shots back in Japan but the problem with that is... my apartment is terrible when it comes to natural sunlight. I mean... it's really bad.
As far as other modellers go, I've always liked the way lupes does his photos. What do you think?