Saturday, September 19, 2009

Master Kawaguchi DVD - Torrent file / War Machine

Just a small post saying that I've made a torrent of the Dengeki Hobby - Master Kawamura's Way of Gunpura DVD that I put on YouTube earlier this year in June. You can download the torrent link here.

I tried uploading it to a torrent search engine but failed (for some reasons... I have no idea what happened really. It seemed OK but wasn't really.) So you can all just get it here.

If it doesn't work out, let me know and I'll try to sort it out.

The video itself is a large .avi file. Over 500mb and it's a direct DVD rip of the disc I have. Not sure why it's so large since it's only 60 minutes and it's not like the quality is that great but still... If you want it, it's available.

In non Gundam related news (but similar mecha walking tank kinda way) I wanted to show a pic of the comic that I've been reading a lot of recently.

War Machine has got to be one of my favourite characters ever. I've liked the suit since day one and I've read every comic book with War Machine in the title and that has Jim Rhodes as the main character. The newest version has great covers but the inside art isn't that great. They redesigned the character so that he can integrate with any kind of technology. For example he can take the parts of a plane and add them to his armour, or a tank or missiles that have been shot at him. Very cool. I'm enjoying the tech aspect to it but it is pretty far fetched sometimes. I could write it better.

I am big Iron Man fan but I enjoy reading War Machine because it's a different take on Iron Man. Jim isn't as smart or as much of a playboy but he's a soldier. The War Machine armour and the Iron Man armour are quite different and it makes for a interesting comparison at times. However from a design standpoint... I like this one the best. It has got to be my absolute favourite mecha 'suit'.