Wednesday, July 15, 2009

VF-25 Messiah (Super and Armored)

Struggling to use the American spelling of 'armor' but I'm going to try for this post.

While I'm not the biggest fan of Macross Frontier I do love the mecha designs. I think the VF-25 is a great plane. I don't particularly like the battroid mode but I love the Gerwalk and Fighter modes.

I was looking at the box for the Armored Messiah the other day and I was quite surprised at how big it is. I think if I ever bought one of these kits I'd just keep it in fighter mode most of the time. I have a Yamato VF-1S and it's in fighter mode almost all the time. I doubt I'll even buy one of these but they certainly are nice to look at.

Here are some pics.

1/72 scale.

I know a lot of you are Gundam fans but do you like Macross as well? If so which series do you like?