Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MS-07 H8 Gouf Flight Type

I am weak.
I couldn't resist! It was only 750 yen and I'd never seen it before and I didn't know that it even existed and that there was a seperate HG line for 08th Team designs and and and...
The truth is that I saw it last week and thought that it was cool but I left it alone. I went back this week (for something unrelated to Gundams) and it was gone! I was looking around for it and found it shoved on a bottom shelf somewhere... Someone was trying to hide it! And there was only one... So I bought it! I couldn't let it slip through my fingers! I mean if I'd never seen it before in all the time that I've been looking at models and someone went through the trouble of hiding it... It must be rare... And finally there was the fact that I've always thought that the Gouf Flight Type was cool. So a bunch of factors said... "Do it. Just do it."
And I did.
Now I have it... but what am I going to do with it? And more importantly... WHEN am I going to do it?