Thursday, July 30, 2009

Flash vs. No Flash

Well I arrived safely. Had a lot of time in Korea to reply to comments here and on other peoples blogs. One of the most painless stopovers I've ever had. The whole place has wireless internet!

So now that I'm back home I've been busy helping my family with a bunch of tech problems. (Got assaulted with a bunch on the car ride back from the airport. ps3 rock band instruments arent working, internet isn't working, printer isn't working blah blah blah. Fixed them all in 2 days.) I spent a good part of today cleaning up my old models. They were dusty and in weird poses. I don't know who's playing with them. Probably mom. She said they keep calling down... so she put my Buster Gundam in some crazy yoga pose. I mean... wtf? I didn't take a picture of it because it really disturbed me and I felt that it was un-natural.

I'm going to go backwards a bit with some work I've been doing on my G04. In order to understand what's going on here I'm going to have to outline the steps I did.

1. Wanted panel lines
2. Etched them in without really thinking about it.
3. Inked
4. Didn't like the design so I sanded them down. Lines didn't go away.
5. Tried to cover over it with primer. Didn't work totally.
6. Sanded a bit... Didn't help
7. Decide to just do a hardcore sanding of the lines. Left deep grooves in the plastic but got everything back to it's base colour.
8. Puttied.
9. Sanded.
10. Primed again.
11. Sprayed with white. Didn't like the resulting tone.
12. Sanded again.

And that's what you see below. A mixture of all those steps on the lower leg and knee armour.

These two pictures are exactly the same in every way except for the flash. Which one looks better to you? Personally I always side towards no flash in pictures if it can be avoided. Not just for models but for anything. I'm kind of anti flash I think. However I have noticed that most top modellers never use a flash when they're taking their pictures.