Monday, July 27, 2009

Time to hit the road.

Or the skies in my case. I've prepared all the modelling stuff I'll need for back home. Not really planning on doing much model equipment shopping there as I'm already used to the Japanese stuff. Not bringing too much stuff back with me though. I'll be posting some pictures when I get back, so you folks can see my 'origins' haha.
Looking forward to it! It will be the first time for me to ever try modelling in my home country! How backwards is that. I am going to take a look around the hobby shops just to compare prices and see what they have available. Planning on bringing a lot of stuff home and leaving it there. Not vice versa. The only thing I really want to take back to Japan with me is knowledge. And a new pair of jeans.

Modern aircrafts are nice and all but I still wish I was going home in any of these vehicles instead.

Notice how Savior Gundam and the Valkyrie fighters appear multiple times? That's no coincidence. And for the record I left Waverider Zeta out because everyone chooses that one.

So here's a question for you to ponder while I'm crossing the planet. What's your favourite transforming mech? You can probably tell what mine is.

Alright, that's it for me!

Busterbeam, Savior Gundam. 出る!