Monday, March 31, 2008

HCM Pro Deathscythe

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Back from my philosophical digressions, I bring pictures of the upcoming HCM Pro Deathscythe, scheduled for release in May at just under 3000 yen.

I've always enjoyed seeing kits in their 'primed' state because it provides a uniform colour that some how enhances the details. When I first heard that this suit was getting the HCM Pro treatment I had to admit that I was very surprised. It seems as if all the focus these days is on Gundam 00 or re-hashing old UC designs. Having the Deathscythe get a modern makeover was a nice treat for me.

Looking at the design of this suit you can see that it's quite different from any UC or 00 MS. Fans of Gundam Wing will be pleased. I would have preferred Heavyarms (any of them) or Tallgeese 1 but... after seeing this I do have hope.

Gundam Wing was actually the first Gundam series that I ever watched! Coincidentally it was also when I first got into Dragonball Z. Back then I was in 2nd year university and would set my VCR to tape it at 10pm on YTV. VCR haha... those were the days.