Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1/100 GN-005 Gundam Virtue/Nadleeh AGAIN, Metallic Coating MG RX-93 Nu Gundam and today's purchases

'White Demon' touch ups: Done
'Extras': 95% Complete

Got a mail from a friend today telling me about a hamburger shop that I didn't know about. Decided to go there for breakfast (Hey I'm on vacation!). As I left the shop I saw a Yamada Denki down the road so decided to go and see if I could find some useful wires/cables/adapters (yeah... ANOTHER unusual hobby but if you saw my apartment you'd know that it's not in vain). I take a look at the game floor and realize that off in the corner there is ALSO a plastic model section.

OK well since I'm here...

It's not bad! Not as good as my regular shop (Bic Camera) but even still. Found the Pla-Plate I was looking for (which wasn't at my regular shop) and some other paints that I wasn't really looking for but decided I'd pick up now and try to use on a 'future' project. (Yes I've already decided what it's going to be but I'm not saying anything yet.)

I'm still adhering to my consumer philosophy of 'When in doubt buy both." Couldn't decide between Clear Blue or Clear Green. I'm not even sure of how to use Clear Colours. Also bought some paint mixing dishes because they were SO cheap. I saw the price and I was like 'Oh thats not bad for 1' then I saw that it was actually a pack of 12! haha

Anyways heres the front of the Virtue/Nadleeh box that I wanted to show you all AND metallic coating MG Nu Gundam. The box is HUGE for that one as well. And heavy but of course not as big as MG Sazabi. I've never been a big Nu Gundam fan but this kit looks REALLY good. Like something that would look good with a minimal amount of work. But I don't think I'll be buying any new models for a long time. Although I MIGHT make an exception for GAT-X105E+AQM/E-M1 Strike E IWSP (Lukas O’Donnell Custom) because it is one of the sickest kits I've EVER seen. I saw it at Bic Camera and my jaw dropped (sorry should have taken a pic when I had the chance). All those weapons! I already have a Strike... but... damn ! (in Zacks DOAX2 voice after someone wins at roulette)