Sunday, March 2, 2008

Powered GM - Modifications

'White Demon' touch ups: 90% Complete
'Extras': 85% Complete

Did a lot of work last night. Realized that I'm working on a bunch of projects all at once. Moving on the Powered GM or Jim Power/JP as I like to call him while the primer dries. Took a scan of the suit and picked out the parts that I'm going to modify. These pics are the largest things but there are a bunch of smaller things that I'm going to fix too while I'm at it. Problems are outlined in red.

Largely I'm going to fix most of the seam lines. Some are supposed to be there but I don't like them so out they go. Going to cut down the protruding bit on the 'orange slipper' haha. Never did like that about the Ver.Ka stuff. Also planning on filling in the gap around the knee armour and rounding it out a bit.

Think I've been sniffing too many paint fumes today. Proper ventillation is tough to maintain in the winter time. Unless you like the cold. I'll try some ideas to get around that. Don't want to get into that habit. I'd like to keep as many brain cells as I can for as long as I can. I don't think it's natural for your nostrils to feel like their burning after a modelling session o_O!