Monday, March 10, 2008

Gundam Unicorn w/ Beam Gatling Gun and Blue Decals

Advertised on Gundam Ace, Kadokawa is set to release a limited edition version of Gundam Unicorn Volume 4. The limited edition novel version will come with Beam Gatling Gun, which can be attached to the upcoming MG Unicorn Gundam ver Ka. The limited edition verion comes out on April 26, 2008 priced at 1260 yen.

I know a lot of you out there have the Unicorn but I don't yet so please excuse me if I say something incorrect. All the pics I've seen of the Unicorn show it with red decals but this pic has blue ones. Do blue ones come with the kit? I quite like the blue decals on the regular Unicorn. Seems to fit. But the red decals definitely fit the Destroy mode Unicorn more then the blue ones.
To see some more custom Unicorn colour schemes check Ngee's blog here. They're only photoshopped though! This one is my favourite.