Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Patlabor Revoltech Diorama

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I never even thought of weathering on a Revoltech model! Here's what it'd look like. 3 ARL-99 Helldivers vs 1 rogue Helldiver from the Patlabor series. The Helldiver is a special labor for use by the Japanese Self Defence Force. Just as the Patlabor units are for use by the Police Force.

What? Never seen Patlabor you say!? Shame on you. You're only missing out on one the best animes ever. The movies are particularly good (1 and 2 specifically) and so is the latter half of the TV mini series (6 episodes I believe, 4-5 were my favourites). I will never forget it. It was (and still is) unlike anything I've ever seen and it was made years ago. From a story tellers stand point it easily ranks in my top 10 (perhaps even 5) anime's ever. Do yourself a favour and watch them. And if you've seen them already you should watch them again. Yes they are THAT good. In my opinion haha

I love this idea so much because you can just concentrate on painting and posing because the model comes pre-built. The thing I like about Revoltech models is that they're kind of meant to be played with and re-posed constantly. If I made something like this I'd be afraid to touch it again. But I suppose it would be possible to make a couple of different dioramas, assuming that no glue was used to keep the models/pieces in place.

It'd be nice to see something like this done with the Macross stuff. I can only hope because I don't intend on doing it myself.