Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1/100 GNY-001 Gundam Astraea

As I mentioned before, after I was finished at the Expo I ended up going to two new shops. At the last shop I saw a couple of new models. This is one of them. 1/100 Astraea. Looks like it comes with the GN sword, bazooka, rifle, plus shield. It reminded me of why I bought the MG Mark 2 so many years ago. It wasn't anything flashy. Bazooka, rifle, shield, beam sabres. Very well rounded and at a good price too. They had a completed version displayed as well. I was very tempted to buy this... but am focused on my G04 right now and am having trouble seeing anything else right now. But there's no rush to get this after all. I'll probably be able to buy it cheaper in a little while anyways. Thinking of potential paint schemes for it. Maybe... silver? I'm thinking of something a bit 'showy' and 'alien' for this one.

I know.

Going against my regular style but I think the design warrants it.