Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gunpura Expo in Nagoya

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Well... it was crazy. But tame at the same time. Nothing like my frequent visits to the Gundam Museum in Matsudo. This was a lot more subdued. The sheer amount of people present pushed it into the 'crazy' category. Started off with a history of Gunpura. Starting from the early 80's up until now. It was really funny seeing the first kits that I bought there. Some of the 'No Grade' stuff that I started out on. That was in the late 90's but these kits were apparently made in the late 80's. I had no idea. It was interesting seeing how it all started and evolved over time. Some great dioramas were there and lots of completed models in display cases. The highlight was the giant Exia. Let's see... it was probably 1/10 scale? It was a bit taller than me and I'm close to 6ft tall. They were selling clear HG 1/144 RX-78 and Exia, HG 1/144 metallic Exia and Char's Zaku, clear 1/60 Exia and clear MG Strike Freedom. All stuff specifically for this expo with special boxes. I bought nothing. Prices just weren't worth it and there was nothing I really wanted. Metallic 1/144 Exia would be nice but... 2000 yen plus for a HG? No thanks. I don't even like the Exia that much.

All and all I wasn't that impressed but can't say I was disappointed because it was free. You had to pay to get into the Gundam Museum. Unless you took the secret passage way like I used to. Yeah. I knew the building THAT well. I used to live in Matsudo! Access to the store there was free though. That's where I got my PG Zeta. The store here was way too expensive and didn't have that great a selection. Modern stuff in sets. All the HG Flags together. All the Thrones together. All the 1/100 OO suits together. That kinda thing.

After that I was went to two new modelling shops that I had no idea about. Kind of embarrassing actually because its ONE block away from an area that I frequent QUITE often. Just never thought to cross the street and see what was over there... Glad I was introduced to it today. These shops put the place that I usually shop at to shame! I saw a sick black Overflag with neon/lime green trim. So hawt. Pics were banned at that place and the shop attendent was right beside me so... sorry. Wish I could've put a pic of that up.

After that played a little Kizuna. Had an awesome first game with my buddy but the 2nd game was crap. My first 8x8 game. Plus my first time playing on a Japanese team. Way out of my league. Got destroyed. Good experience though. Too bad I don't know anyone in my area that plays this game. Never mind in English. Oh well. That's life in Japan I guess. All in all a pretty intense 'Gundam' day. But I bought nothing. Probably for the best. It'll make when I do finally buy something again that much sweeter.

Anyways, full gallery here.