Friday, April 4, 2008

00 Region Exia

#2301. What will #2302 be? Dynames I bet. I was quite surprised to see this actually as I wasn't aware of the fact that 00 was going to get the 'FIX' treatment as well... (hilarioius considering all the magazines I buy and websites that I frequent) but I suppose it was an inevitability. It looks pretty good! The paint was even and looked very symmetrical (unlike some other FIX's that I've seen). Man, how many Exia models are out now all together? I know it's a popular suit but still... oh well. It is the flagship MS of the series (so it would be a... flagsuit?!). The first of any new 00 brand is going to be Exia I guess. Never been big on pre-made suits but those who are and like the Exia will be very pleased with this one I think.