Thursday, February 7, 2008

Turn A. Not your standard diorama!

I'm not quite sure what to call this! As you can see this modeller made an entire... diorama? out of shelving! The shelving itself looks almost custom made as well. I personally have never seen anything like it at any home depot shop that I've been to. Almost looks like a step ladder but... its not obviously. Even the back wall of the shelves is made to look like a picket fence! The whole feel of this diorama is very rustic and organic. The Turn A itself is a 1/144 and you see that it's legs have been painted with a water bubble type of pattern to further enhance that natural feeling. I've never seen Turn A myself so I don't know about what kind of mechs appear in it or what the capabilities of the suit are but I've never seen a fictional war machine used in such a domestic way! I mean to hold up laundry of all things! Does that happen in the anime? I've seen pictures of modern day soldiers doing this on their tanks or other vehicles though. I'm not familiar with Turn A enough to fully appreciate the details put into this diorama but I was amazed at the whole concept to be honest. This seems more of a project in arts and crafts and woodworking then an exercise in modelling however I'm sure all of those skills were needed to make a piece such as this. Very creative and a nice change of pace from the standard Gundam model fare. No weapons, no fearsome or intimidating poses, no flashiness. Makes me feel like a clear day in mid autumn. While it's still warm. Makes me want to watch Turn A actually.