Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HGUC GM Powered - Assembled

It's rare for me to post so often but I'm so excited that I have to put this up immediately. I know... nothing special just a straight build, no paint, no decals, what's the big deal. All I used was a nipper and a knife on it. Well... I got this model 8 months ago and it's finally assembled! After just looking at that box all that time. Now I can finally take a look at the whole model and see what mods I want to make and where. Stuff that you can't decide until you see the whole thing built. 全体バランス as they say in Japanese. The balance of the whole figure. I've already picked out a bunch of things that I want to mod. Might be a bit more complicated than I thought. Will definitely have to use some new techniques. Posability is a bit limited. Getting the bazooka pose on the shoulder is a bit tough because the hand joint keeps seperating... but gluing it wont allow it to change to the machine gun... not enough flexibility in the wrist. Only one left hand with 90 degree wrist flexibility but with no reason for it. Maybe to hold onto the top part of the bazooka during that pose. Some cool machine details are covered up by the knee armour. That's frustrating. I would have liked to have painted it but it's kinda pointless if the armour is always going to be covering it. Not really feeling the orange but I'd always planned on changing that. I'll post some of my design thoughts later. All in all I'm happy with it and I think it has potential. The question is... can I unlock it?
I'm going to try.