Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gundam Throne Eins, MG Unicorn, 1/100 Zala's, C.A. Limited FIX.

So I was vacuum shopping today and came across this.

It came out much sooner than I anticipated. I don't really pay attention to release dates so much. I figure I just going to buy it when it goes on sale anyways. It requires a bit of patience but I'm trying to cultivate that more these days. Modelling helps ^_^. I was surprised at the speed at which this came out actually. Not sure why since they released Exia models before 00 even aired.

Also FINALLY found the MG Unicorn. I'd seen this model built a long time ago from a bunch of different places but I'd never even seen the box until now. Bigger then your regular MG. Man it sure does look like it'd be a fun kit to build though.

This was just staring at me when I arrived.

Almost like a slap in the face saying "Why did you buy those HG's when you could have had... US!" But I still think smaller models would be good for what I want to do. If this HG GM Powered I'm working on now is any indication I should be satisfied with the end result. Size isn't everything you know! ^_0;

Also saw these cool Char edition FIX RX-78 KA's there.

Curious about what the 'metal composite' is like. I like the RX-78 KA's but... I saw that a Blue FA RX-78 will be coming out soon (From the shooting game Spirits of Zeon I think) and I might go for that one but I doubt there will be a metal composite version. Just have to keep my eyes open for something that I like. I guess I should say, keep my eyes open for something that I want to spend my money on. As you can see... theres a lot to look at and WAY too many things that I like.