Monday, February 4, 2008

Rudolf's Gouf Ignited & MWF-JG71 Raysta

From the Gundam Seed Frame Astrays manga. This was actually the first time that I've ever seen the Raysta (nice anagram eh) as I've never read the manga. I liked how it incorporated a lot of the Astray design but there was still enough to keep it unique. Almost like what the EZ8 is to the RX-79G. I also liked how this Gouf has the original colours for it's right arm. Almost as if the original arm was blown off and had to be replaced by this one (which very well might have happened in the story since I haven't read it). The Raysta is a scratch build whereas this Gouf kit is a HG 1/144 that's already been released. It was actually the first Frame Astray's kit that I'd ever seen. Don't know if there are any others yet. I hope more will come out because I think the designs are great except for the 3rd Blue Astray suit. Not a big fan of that one but maybe it'll grow on me.