Monday, July 12, 2010

Scale Comparison - Tank / Gundam

Was out picking up some beers for a house party when I came across a 1/144 J Type Panzer Tank model in the convenience store.  1/144 scale...  I thought that it'd be good to have a real historical machine along with my Gundam stuff just for the sake of comparison.  Generally we tend to think of tanks as massive machines.  Well they are.  But they don't really compare to Gundams.
Here's a pic with a man for the sake of comparison.  Again

I bought and built the tank and decided to measure it all to make sure.  I'll be comparing it with the 1/144 Nadleeh.

I measured the tank to be 3.8cm and Nadleeh to be 12.6cm.
Listed numbers for the tank is 5.52m in length and Nadleeh is 18.1m tall.
Divide the listed numbers by 144 and you get; 3.83 for the tank and 12.57 for Nadleeh.  Round to the nearest millimeter and my numbers are accurate. Acceptable margin of error considering... I'm human.
Confirmed: Tank scale is an accordance with the scale of the 1/144 Gundams.  So you'll be seeing the tank in some shots with other 1/144 suits just to illustrate just how massive these machines are.  Not that we need a reminder but... it's something to do.  It's easy to forget what we're looking at when we see them all side by side.
We're essentially building walking tanks. Flying war machines.  With that in mind think about how massive this Gatling gun would be in real life and the effort it would take to actually make it.