Saturday, July 24, 2010

RG RX-78-2 + MS Hangar

Patience has never been my strong point. Couldn't wait. Even when I got there shortly after lunch time there were only a couple of kits and magazines left. I know there's a chance that I could win this in the HLJ Contest but it's a long shot and you can't live your life thinking "maybe" all the time. If I do end up winning it by some miracle I'll still be happy. And I know I could probably buy this kit later after the contest results have been announced but that's a long time from now and... I can't wait to see how this new RG series holds up.
There are tons of reviews out there already so I won't bother but I will be posting my thoughts about it later.
Right now I'm currently on the fence on whether I should paint it or not. I kind of want to build the kit as is and use all the things provided just so I can finally have a proper finished un-modded RX-78-2 but... that's just so boring to me... So like most things I'm probably going to put my own spin on it. Change the colour and leave some of the decals off. Oh I'm excited about this!

The MS hangar isn't really anything special but I'm going to use it. I like having extra 1/144 scale goods for sake of comparison.