Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HG Murasame - Review

The Murasame was always a suit that intrigued me. A mass production transformable mobile suit. It's like a dream come true for me. I have an affinity for these from the VF-11 to ReZel to the Bawoo. I love all of them and I love them all for the exact same reasons.

But let's stick to the MS at hand, this Murasame, which Lupes refered to as a cross between the Zeta and Astray Gundams in the comments section of this post, which I believe is a somewhat accurate description

Being a mass produced suit, it doesn't come with a lot of weapons. One beam saber, one rifle and a shield. The weapons you can't pose are the vulcans in the head and missle pack in the front skirt (which just looks like some extra design tossed in there just break up the blandness) and a beam cannon in the tail stabilizer. And there are, of course, the missle pods that attach to the wings.

From HG Murasame

First... This kit doesnt have a lot of options for movement. There isn't a whole lot of lateral movement in the legs and its hard to get decent poses for it.

From HG Murasame

And the shield is pretty oversized for the suit.

To get it to transform you have to remove the arms and head, plus detach and reattach the legs to the extra hip unit specially made to help with the transformation (shown with the missile pods).
From HG Murasame
It's a nice kit but the proportions are a bit off to me It doesnt really look cool enough. I'm not sure what it is. Too round maybe. Stocky. Blocky. I like it in MA mode but MS mode doesn't really do it for me. I don't know maybe I was hoping for a bit more. I'd only recommend this suit if youre a Murasame fan and even then...

Still though I'm glad I have it because of the reasons I mentioned in the first paragraph and it does look pretty good in MA mode, so I'm just keeping it like that for now.
From HG Murasame
I was planning on painting it in a simple "special command" unit theme. Changing the red to blue or gold. And I think I still will. I'm probably going to combine it with my Althun/Asran build when I ever get around to that... (I've finally started working on it but don't tell anyone!)

My motivation for the MGIJ has sank a bit (which also happens... but I'm not starting on painting the Musha until I finish the MGIJ completely.)

That said, I enjoyed posing it with another flying Gundam, the 1.5, even though they're both from different universes.
From HG Murasame
I decide to use the stickers on this kit because it really looks TOO plain without them. So use the stickers or paint it but even you leave it plain... it looks REALLY plain.

I'm giving this Murasame kit 3.5/5. 2.5 for the kit and an extra point because it comes with it's on stand.