Thursday, July 8, 2010

FA Gundam - Ver.2.0 vs, Katoki

I really like the FA Gundam.  Hell I have a FA Gundam T-Shirt.

But I don't really like the ver.2.0 RX-78-2. Yeah I know the frame is amazing and all but I'm just not really feeling the anime proportions and roundness. I want something more menacing. Something like the Katoki version.

Above is the Kyoshiro remix coloured FA Gundam.  GFF version and Ver.2.0 frame version recoloured.  I know they had to go with the newest frame but I have to admit that I'm a bit dissapointed.  I guess if I want my Katoki fix I just have to go for GFF stuff!  Below is a MSV-R version FA Gundam which I also think would look much better in the Katoki style.  Let's face it!  The man is genius.

From Dengeki Hobby Japan - Aug 2010
So where do you fall on this debate? 2.0 or Katoki? Blue or green? 1 or 1b?

Side note I've enjoyed hearing all of your opinions on the last couple topics.  Thanks for letting me know! Helps to see how in touch I am. Or out of touch as the case may be! haha