Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today's loot; tripod, Cold Districts GM and GM Command

Actually the RGM-79D isn't for me, it's for gr3nd3l for winning my first anniversary photo contest. It took me a bit of time to find a mass produced HG 1/144 version of the suits he requested but in the end he settled on the Cold Climate GM and I went and picked it up today.

In the spirit of friendship (which is what my photo contest was all about) I went and got myself a matching MS to commemorate the event. Also I'd gotten interested in the GM Command after using it so often in the Senjou no Kizuna pod game. It became my favourite suits to use and even now when I'm facing strong opponents it's my 'go to' suit because I can handle it really well and have got most of the upgrades I need to make it work the way I want to, which is a good feeling! It was actually hard going from GM Command to Cold Climate... they play a bit differently, but I think, if I were to be a pilot in UC for the Feds I'd like to be in the GM Command the best (during 0079-80 at least). It's a refined mass produced suit. Not for elite pilots, but for exceptional ones. It's mass produced but not at the same time. Limited production run but high spec. My kind of suit, but I digress.

I actually like the paint scheme for the GM command so I'm not doing a re-paint. It was a spur of the moment purchase (really... it was cheaper to buy than one drink at most bars around here) so I'm just doing lining, decals and minor details. Hope to be done before the end of this weekend. Perhaps that's a bit ambitious but I just want to finish something!

I saw a lot of really nice tripods today, some as cheap as 680 yen but two were on sale for 980 so I just bought one of those. It's a bit bigger than I need but I'll adjust. I got to thinking that a tripod would be good after reading this post on taking pictures. I was expecting to pay around 2000 yen but... yeah I'm an amateur and don't have a great camera but the blurriness from hand shaking is a problem for me so... why not?!

Funny I was just getting back into my Sinanju too... I was working on the torso last night. Oh well! All in due time!