Friday, February 13, 2009

Music to model to? -supplemental (Hip Hop)

I totally didn't represent my true favourite type of music in that last post so here's one dedicated to it!


Leak Bros. (w/anime video?!)

Group Home

and gotta play some stuff from the guys that put them on. It's only right.

Gang Starr

Jay Z

and finally I'm rolling out on KRS-ONE aka Kenny Parker aka the Teacher with one of my favourite tracks from anything, ever. Gotta get a little bit of conscious rap in there.

* * *

RX-77D Update

I'm drilling holes in it with my electric drill. Problem is that I usually work after midnight and the drill makes noise so progress is slow (I don't want to disturb my neighbours). Gonna do a bit more now (it's 3:15pm). 24 holes to drill in the cannon shielding alone! 20 for shoulders... But it's going well!

All the parts that need to be seamed have been. Using cement. This model is perfect for people wanting to practice that but more details on that later. I'm going to sand then fix up errors with basic putty, but that's aways down the road.