Friday, February 6, 2009

And the winner is...

Gundam 00 Family

gr3nd3l chose GM, Quebely (mass produced in ZZ Gundam) and Bawoo. I'm going to try and find the Bawoo for you since that one seems really cool and it doesn't look like you have it yet! I'll keep you informed via E-Mail of the search and sending process.

I choose this photo because I felt this pic went above and beyond the theme of friendship. It almost seems familial. 2 1/100's representing the adults or older siblings and two SD's representing the children.

Indeed the title of the pic was '00 Family'. Also the custom gatling gun on Exia's GN Sword didn't hurt either.

Another point that I liked was the fact that Exia and 00 are suits that are related directly. 4 different model kits but only 2 different MS. They're all related some how and it is a very close relationship. Also... the pic looks like a family photo. Like they all decided to go over to Wal-Mart on Sunday and get photos done or something. Looks almost professionally done! Love the backdrop and the fact that the colours all match. Well done gr3nd3l! Thanks for playing and congratulations!

Also... honourable mention / 2nd place goes to Mr. K.M. who provided us with this lovely image. Doesn't get much "friendlier" than this! lol


A snapshot into an "intimate moment" between G Gundam and Nobel Gundam if you will, haha. Even the lighting is slightly "romantic". haha Great stuff. It almost seems spur of the moment. Like they both couldn't wait or something. Sorry K.M. I wish I could send you something for it but it's not within the parameters I set. For this contest there is no prize for 2nd place. Maybe for my 2nd anniversary? Regardless thanks a lot for sending that in.

Some other entries (in no particular order.)

From fellow blogger Z.


My favourite part of this pic was the two Strikes together at the right. Nice touch! And little SD G Gundam on the ground! haha what happened to him? Poor guy. Lots of stuff going on here! It was a good entry.

From fellow modeller Aulon:


Not used to seeing the Overflag in such a feminine pose but I like the idea!

And from Mr. Ani, the only entry that used props (I guess the cup counts though doesn't it.)


I really like the use of perspective and scale in this pic. I liked this one right away. And was in close consideration for the top prize.

There are a couple more unposted images at my flickr if your keen to take a look.
Thanks everyone for playing! It was a lot of fun and these pics really made me smile. Hopefully they'll make a lot of you out there in cyberspace smile too! Or maybe they'll make you feel something else...?



That reminds me... when on Earth are we going to see MG Nobel Gundam?!?! That thing would sell like crazy, I'm telling you! I imagine there would be a lot 'custom' variations... oh well. Someday!