Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Music to model to?

OK, well Tonzo asked me what kind of music I listen to when I'm modelling and the basic answer is just about anything. I use a fair bit actually to find new music. But these days, here's a sampling of what's on my Ipod. I know my style of music isn't for everyone but he asked. However I think I can safely say that there is something for everyone on my Ipod. From classical to jazz to rock to hip hop to J pop to metal... it's endless.
So here goes. This is just a sample! I am a music FIEND so I listen to a lot of stuff.
To get the full effect you have to listen to it like I do. So turn the TV off, sit down and work on your model for a little bit while you listen to these.
First we'll start with the Killers. Sorry can't embed this one!
Moving on...


Foo Fighters


Ohio Players

Miles Davis w/Herbie Hancock

and finally... Castlevania?!

I better stop now.

I will provide an update on my RX-77D in a seperate post. Don't want to mix business with pleasure in this case. Besides, I'm thinking of compiling all my posts into one 'tutorial' at the end of it, so I want to get a kind of consistency going.