Saturday, February 28, 2009

GM Command and Sinanju - Simultaneous work and gold lining

I decided that instead of just committing all my effort to one project I'm just going to spread it out. So... if I'm painting some gold on the GM command I'm just going to paint gold and the Sinanju parts while I'm at it.

Lots of detailing today. I want to get away from using my 'scratching' technique because it leaves the surface a bit scarred but it works well otherwise. I've essentially done all I can for the parts I was working on today.

First I wanted to show a shot of the tools I was using today and give a bit of an explanation. Maybe I can give other modellers some ideas and perhaps get some myself in the progress.

In no particular order,

Lacquer thinner - the primary paint type I use is lacquer (markers and spray cans).

Lighter fluid (enamel thinner) - I use enamels for special/detailed parts. Although I did use blue enamel for the armour of my OYW RX78 and my G04 (which I may scrap and do over again).

Gold Gundam marker - ultra useful for detailing on the Sinanju.

Black Gundam pens (regular and fude brush type) - generally I use the regular one but tried the fude type out today. It’s ok. Regular is still better though in my opinion.

File - for creating for creating the C Surface. The paint was not sticking to the upraised edge of the Fed emblem on the shield so I filed it down a bit like in the MK2 video I posted. Worked great.

Old toothbrush - for brushing away dust after scrapping/sanding. I don't know why I didn’t do this before. So handy. I used to just wipe it away with my finger, but the bristles really get in there better. Like brushing your teeth with your fingers... doesn’t make much sense does it? The bristles are there for a reason.

Fine paint brush - bristles are getting a bit frayed... but I’m so cheap... I just use a bit of Vaseline on the end to smooth it out.

Paint trays - ultra cheap and ultra useful. I use them almost exclusively for thinner.

Exacto knife - I suppose I should use a design knife but... don’t want to spend the money. What’s the difference anyways? Besides the handle, and shape?

File set - the different shapes are actually useful. I’ve used all 3 almost equally.

Dropper - For extracting and expelling thinner. This little thing is SO useful! I used to pour it manually all the time. Messy and inefficient. Glad I got this thing. and it was so damn cheap too!

Gunmetal and gold enamel paints

Cut up milk/juice carton - OK... this is basically my palette. It has a wax surface so it doesn’t really absorb the paint that much... and since its garbage/recycling anyways, there’s no reason to clean it up. If the paint dries... a little bit of thinner on there and you’re good to go. Yeah pretty ghetto I know but that’s me.

Onto other things, I tried out the naphtha based lighter fluid on the gold enamel paint in order to do the lining easier.

After some trial and error I got it eventually.

Would have helped if I deepened the lines a bit with my engraving tool but regardless... I love the technique and am going to try and do it from now on. I’m no longer limited to black and grey panel lines now!

If you haven’t tried this technique out yet try it with a metallic paint. It looks amazing! Sorry this pic does show it so well.

It's constantly moving... it reminded me of a video I saw of the surface of the sun. Like it’s constantly boiling or something... I love chemistry.