Sunday, December 28, 2008

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 3 - Torso and Arms

Torso section has a lot of detail but... it's kind of pointless, since the armour covers it up or constricts the movement. For example, this model actually has tremendous waist articulation but later becomes contrained by the frame it itself... but the potential is there for an enterprising modeller who want's a bit more from this kit. That said the core is as study as the legs but maybe a third of the length. This frame is all about the legs, which gives it that extra height. I don't know why that's important for space combat but hey... I'm not an MS designer.

During the Zeta generation (UC 0086) the 360 panaramic style of control pod because the accepted design and it's continued up until now. Unicorn takes place 10 years have Zeta. 18 after Amuro first got into the RX-78-2 and 3 after he got into the Nu-Gundam. I haven't built a suit with this type of pod since the PG Mark 2 about 5 years ago. It's cool. Building UC suits is definitely different from Seed/Destiny. Or even 00 for that matter (speaking from my limited experience with the GNX-III)

Now the arms... Insane amount of detail here, a bit unnecessary but great to see how it comes to together. It really is built like a machine and it's trying to simulate the process of building a machine. If they wanted to cut costs on parts and just have it be a functional model with the same amount of articulation they could have done that easily. This kit is for the modellers. The serious modellers who want to show battle damage and repair process dioramas and the like. Not that regular folks like us won't enjoy it but... The hardcore modellers will LOVE it.

The arms seem thin and small to be carrying such large weapons and such a massive shield but maybe they're all made with lightweight material?

Interesing note about the hands (not pictured). They aren't unit hands. So no seperating the fingers manually with this kit. It's already done for you. How nice! Are all v.Ka kits like that? This is my first one. And boy do they let you know that Katoki designed this one in the manual. His name is everywhere! That said... it's a damn good design! A bit unnecessary in a lot of areas but... generally it's better to have more options than to have less I think when it comes to models.

This shot is taken with a borrowed digital camera. Yes a dedicated Minolta digital camera, not my cell phone cam (which isn't that bad, but I didn't like how the last shots turned out so...)

It will, without question, be a tall MS.