Thursday, December 11, 2008


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I know that I usually post about Gundam related stuff but I figured I'd deviate from that today to show you all something that I thought was pretty special.

I am actually a fan of Dangaioh. The original OVA one. Not the remade G Dangaioh. I have some good memories of the OVA and remember thinking how cool it was when I first saw it. Actually some of the ideas that I saw in that OVA went on to affect me greatly. Similar to the first time I saw Akira . There were just a lot of radical ideas that can really startle a young and impressionable mind. Some of the ideas in Dangaioh were created well before they appeared in the Matrix. You know... human batteries and all that.

Anyways... I was really impressed with the mechanical design of this... figure? And I use the term loosely. I was amazed at how they managed to maintain the likeness of all four ships but still maintain the transformation process into a pretty decent Dangaioh! But at 79800 yen it's pretty much for collectors and fans only. That's a lot of money to pay for an overgrown Transformer.

It's still pretty frickin cool though.

If you don't know what Dangaioh is take a look here. This video shows the transformation sequence and the mecha in action. Spoilers are present though. But seriously, it's an 80's mecha animation. You can imagine how it ends already I'm sure.