Friday, December 26, 2008

MSN-06S Sinanju - Work Log 2 - Feet and Legs

Well after working on the feet and legs I can see why this kit cost so much. OYW was interesting because it had a unit skeleton for the leg. Impulse and I.Justice both had a lot of detail, some sliding parts, but too thin to be realistic. This suit... is sturdy. Not that many parts and good articulation. And it's built like a war machine. Flexible but heavy. And powerful. Much better design than the OYW but then again... this suit was made almost 20 years later (UC time). It is big. See for yourself. I'm using my OYW RX-78.2 in the shots for comparison. Sinaju is built like a UC CE suit. It's almost Seed/Destiny -esque in it's design but... it's not. It's more realistic. And that's why I love it. Great engineering. Exactly one panel per leg.
There are a couple little details in there for the purists. Saw some parts that I might want to paint providing they aren't covered up with armour. I'm going to wait until I put the armour only before I consider doing any painting on the frame. There are a couple of places I'm definitely going to hit though. So far so good! I'm liking this kit so far.

Here's a pic of my loot before I started. Sinanju has been on my mind recently as you can tell.
Camparison shots: