Thursday, October 2, 2008

Strike Freedom - Extra Finish Version

Seriously. How many more of these do we need? I suppose it was
inevitable. I've always had a big problem with the Extra Finish
versions of kits because of the nip marks. How do you fix those? I
don't have one myself besides the HGUC Hyaku Shiki which isn't really
extra finish but technically is. It looks great and I love it but
when I made it I didn't concentrate on the nip marks at all. Just a
quick build. mm... well I'm sure that this (over priced) kit is going
to make someone happy. But I'm not that guy. Best thing about this
kit as far as I'm concerned is the box art. Just don't stare at it
too long if you're on hard drugs O_0! You make wake up in the desert
wondering what happened to the past week of your life. Man there's a
lot going on there!