Monday, October 13, 2008

HG 1/144 - GN-X III 609-T A-Laws Type

Just released at my local shop... and I couldn't turn it down. Hell my lunch cost more than this!

This is about as modern as it gets. They just showed the suit for the first time last week.

So I bought it and realized that I get a 30% discount plus 10% points on my card and a free DVD that I didn't even realize I had until I got home and emptied the bag. As I was leaving I was thinking of what colour to paint it. Going down the escalator I looked at my tie and thought... yes... that's it. Metallic Purple! Go back up to the paint section... no metallic purple. Regular purple is too light. Maroon. Too much brown and red. Lavender. Too much pink. Oh well. Take a look at the kit again and listen to it's voice... Centurion. Bronze. Metallic. Shiny. The Bronze paint they have is a bit dull for the main colour but would be a nice accentuate. Go for metallic brown because it has more of the bronze look that I was imagining. Rich. Probably need to prime so the pink under colour doesn't come through. Scanned the other available colours to see if anything else would work... No... Bronze centurion hits me the hardest. Gonna use all metal colours on this bad boy. Weathering on the lance. Sharpen the tip. Extend? No... it'll throw the angles off. The metallic purple would have been nice though. Got me to thinking... My Impulse is in the same colour scheme as another one of my neck ties. Haha I have a tie to match each of my painted Gundams now that I think about it. Strange.

DVD is just some promo stuff. Talking about some 00 kits and a recap of all of Season 1. Great quality though. Starting to think that the 00 Blu-ray DVD's might be a good investment.

Lots of stickers in the box. But I'm not going to use any of them this time. The type of stickers that cover entire pieces to make it look like a different colour. Useless for me.

Feh... I went there looking for MGIJ but came away with this. AND I'm still working on the G04. AND I still have 4 Seed HG's to build. But I am saving those for when I get an airbrush. I'd like to build them at least though. That's kind of the fun part for me. Oh well... no rush. I have time. 609-T is becoming my priority.

With the 609-T I'm going to be doing the WIP here. So... Project: Bronze Centurion - 609-T GN-X III aka JINX. 開始/START