Tuesday, October 14, 2008

GN-X III 609-T - Basic build complete

Didn't take long to make at all. Three panels, a couple of hours. Was thinking of timing myself but then I realized that I'm usually doing 3 things at once and the times wouldn't be accurate. Zero stickers and no sanding yet. Just standard nipping and scraping/cutting with my exacto knife. Not a lot of flexibility in the design. Head barely moves. This is no Gundam! and its no MG that's for sure. That said... I was kind of impressed with it considering that its just a HG. Range of motion isn't great. I thought the legs were built the same but they actually weren't. I put the left one on the right side and vice versa just to realize that the flexibility is different. Aesthetically they look the same however. Little details matter!

Speaking of little details... there aren't that many. Shouldn't expect many from a mass produced suit I suppose. Gonna have fun bringing the few that are there out though. Saw a couple of areas that I can really hit and make look good. Gonna make the GN Tau Drive really pop. Proportion of the legs to the torso is a bit weird though. Couldn't do the "throwing lance" pose the way I wanted to though. Too bad... Don't really feel like modding this kit to get the effects I want. But you never know. Might just decide to say '**** it' and just do it.

Biggest issue so far is the seam lines. Going to have to do something about them this time. Especially if I'm planning on painting this thing. They stand out a lot and in some places the pieces don't fit together exactly right... It'll take some time, but I have it. Gonna need some more paints too. Gonna go back and get the bronze and this... pretty hardcore bright silver I found.

The real joy of this kit is going to be the lance. I've got crazy ideas for that and I'm going to spare no expense in making it look as sweet as I can. Just like Red Astay's Gerbera Straight. Gonna hit that lance hard. It's been the funnest part of the build so far.

Kind of looking forward to making this one but debating on whether or not to go back to the G04 since I was kinda on a roll with it. I'll sleep on it. Finish up the shield and rifle, look at the kit for a bit longer and see if it says anything else to me.