Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hobby Japan - Dec. issue

So my subscription is finally kicking in. here are the highlights

1/144 hg 00 Gundam kit gn-0000/7s seven sword conversion
hg Cherudim released in 4 days
hg gnx iii showcase
1/144 enact space type conversion
1/144 over flag high manoeuvre package (this one is so awesome, I’m putting pics of this up before anything else)
Large mg sinanju showcase, kit, design, line art and 3d modelling
1/100 00 Gundam next month
Special celestial being action base in dec.
1/100 0 riser in dec.
hg seravee next month
hg ahead next month
hg masked man custom ahead in dec.
hg arios in dec.
hg geara doga next month
mg shin matsunagas zaku 2.0 next month
limited edition mg mark 2 2.0 both colours
mg infinite justice showcase and how to tutorial (yeah!!!)
mg GM (rx78.2 v.2 conversion) - this is really cute actually
gn-001re - exia repair (the busted up one from the beginning of the season)
seravee Gundam - FACE BURST MODE (who made that name up?!)
hcm pro of all 00 series gundams
Cherudim next month, followed by o-riser, arios and seravee in Feb.

poster on GFF #0040 Red Warrior (YES!)

gff metal composite #1004 and 1005 rx78.2 and msz-006 z plus

saw the 1004 today but stayed away and got the MGIJ instead FINALLY!

That's it. I'm done buying kits until Jan. I'll get Sinanju then. If there’s anything specific that you want more info on just let me know.