Sunday, October 5, 2008

MG Impulse - Design notes

In the interest of thoroughness I'm going to post this here as well. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this already.


1. i didnt do the seam lines, because i just left the stock grey-ish white pieces as is. im also trying to cut down on my building time where i can so i left some things undone. things that i thought werent totally necessary

2. i ordered an extra anti ship sword from bandai. they delivered it less than a week after i sent them my order and they gave me some extra money back because i paid them too much. better to be safe than sorry.

3. i engraved the name of the person who helped me get the extra sword just above the hilt. thats what those chinese characters are. she really helped a lot and i felt that there should be something to commemorate that fact.

4. i couldnt let the frame go. my first time painting a frame even though its covered up by armour now.

5. despite the fact that i was trying to save on time i painted the landing gear, pilot and all the peripheral units too. including vent covers and exhaust grates. all of them. and the core splendors canopy cover.

6. my lining technique sucks.

7. i lost my rub on transfer decals. might have been a mixed blessing because i used a lot of black in the my colour scheme so a lot of them wouldnt have shown up anyways.

8. total time was 3 months on and off, averaging about 15 minutes a day for 90 days ROUGHLY. sometimes i didnt work on it for weeks, sometimes id put in 6h sessions. this is including mistakes, repairing, clean up and 'thinking/visualization' time.

8. i broke a piece and 'sewed' it back together to maintain the flexibility. (front upper leg armour to knee sliding piece. pics in the gallery).

9. bought my first action base just to get the most poseability out of this kit.

10. i used gold gundam markers, gold enamel hand paint, and gold spray paint to get the effect i wanted.


like the oyw gundams younger, taller, malnourished (or high metabolism if you prefer) brother. just compare the feet. oyw, short and wide, impulse, long and thin. same with the head. oyw looks way more sturdy and tougher. impulse... well its made for speed clearly. different eras tho. great posibility. its a different feeling, flash over function in this case.... great piece of engineering. core fighter works amazingly. very worthwhile kit and fun to build. thin limbs arent made to hold large weapons tho. not dynamically at least.


didnt want to go with the stock colours. decided id make this impulse a test bed for the gold frame technology used in the strike freedom (wiki it if youre not sure what im talking about. its supposed to improve the joint mobility).


from here


i was thorough but i cut corners, eager to see a finished product. I sprayed the colour on before i cut the parts off the runners, which required me to do a lot of touch ups later. i didnt wait for glue or paint to dry when i should have. i lost my frackin decal sheet. I'm not going to do this for the Infinite Justice when i get it.

although, in the end.... seeing this thing in a pose where it looks like it its coming down from heaven getting ready to throw a giant javelin at the earth... worth every effort.